Gearing up for adventure with Fornix Wheels and PAST Outdoors

Cycling meets camping, it’s a match made in heaven! When Dave from PAST Outdoors and Dan from Fornix Wheels became neighbours in the Helensburgh Business Park, outdoor enthusiasts have been flocking to their doors from across Australia and online to get the latest in cycling and outdoors gear, sign up for a workshop or simply have a yarn about all things outdoors. 

The recently opened PAST Outdoors retail store at Unit 14/21 Cemetery Road, was founded by Stanwell Park local Dave Parker in 2020 with the goal of getting more people into the outdoors in any season, weather or terrain. After almost 20 years conducting Special Operations in the Australian Army, Dave has spent most of his life in the outdoors, working in some of the harshest environments on the planet for extended periods of time. 

“I believe that being outdoors connects us to our PAST and to who we are as humans.”
- Dave Parker, Founder PAST Outdoors

Dave brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to PAST Outdoors where he designed, developed and tested the PAST Outdoors exclusive range of Ultralight 6 person Tipis, the first in the Australian market. 

light weight tipi

Designing and sewing the first samples by hand himself, Dave explains, “The Tipis fit straight into your pack and take about 5 minutes to assemble or disassemble. They pack down to about the size of a rockmelon, with the outer shell weighing in at about 2kgs. In winter or for cool evenings where you need to dry items out, you can add our specially designed PAST Outdoors fold-up titanium wood stove which sits inside the Tipi to keep you and your family warm, dry and comfortable.” 

A must have for his partner Alli, who in stark contrast to Dave, is all about comfort and ease. “I love that there is so much space in the Tipi, that we can fit everything inside, stand upright,  and it stays dry even when it’s pouring and we can pack up so quickly if the weather changes or we find a better spot. It makes our camping experience just that much more enjoyable and means we can explore more remote areas of wilderness that are well and truly off the beaten track.”

PAST Outdoors caters for individuals, families and groups providing a vast range of cooking equipment, hydration, food and nutrition packs to equip novices and experts alike with everything you and your family or group needs to explore the outdoors.

yeti stubbie cooler

Drop in to see Dave and Alli at Unit 14, 21 Cemetery Road Helensburgh or head to to stock up on high quality, tested products and get expert advice on all your backpacking, trail running, hiking and outdoor explorations.

Over at Unit 12, you’ll find Dan Irwin, Founder of Fornix Wheels and RideAus, who is busy servicing, tuning, upgrading or rebuilding beloved bicycles from across Australia. With an eye for detail and an undying passion for motorbikes and bicycles, Dan’s got some serious skill behind him to ensure you and your bike are out exploring the great outdoors safely. 

Growing up attending various clubs across the Illawarra, Dan learned the importance of engaging, supporting and giving back to his local community from a very young age. He began his journey of ‘tinkering’, learning technical and mechanical skills in his back shed, as a ‘lackey’ to his Pop, who was an Engineer. From there, his personal passion for all things with two wheels has taken him around the world.

At Fornix Wheels, you can find not only the right parts and accessories to keep you going in your chosen discipline, but also a genuine motivation to ensure each rider’s experience fuels their passion for a lifestyle of cycling. Whether you need fresh grips, bar tape or tyres, a safe steed to send it, or an expertly tuned and refined ride, Dan has you covered. Drop in for parts and apparel plus a great range of consumables to keep your bike clean and protected. 

dan irwin fornix wheels helensburgh bike shop

Alongside Fornix Wheels, Dan also operates RideAus, a Mountain biking skills company planted in Helensburgh. With the support of HORRC (Helensburgh Off Road Cycling Club), Dan and his team deliver mountain biking skills clinics under the PMBIA certification and guidance, a globally recognised training organisation.

 RideAus was established in 2015 to provide high quality skills instruction, coaching and guiding in a safe environment so riders build confidence, control and refine their skills. “I am grateful for so many opportunities to race against older, more experienced riders who not only pushed me to excel, but also taught me the value of giving back to the sport,” says Dan.

mountian biking helensburgh

 RideAus offers a variety of products to cater for beginners, right through to professional Athletes of any age. “Being able to use a variety of experience, education and skill to help others is a privilege I get to apply in both of my businesses.” says Dan. For more information visit or for servicing and upgrade options head to

“I love supporting local and with the combination of products and knowledge both our businesses offer, we can ensure you’re confidently travelling further and broadening your horizons.” - Dan Irwin, Founder Fornix Wheels and RideAus

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You can get in touch with us here or drop into the store for a chat


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