Helinox Lite Cot

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Helinox Lite Cot

The lightest, strongest camping cot available

With the weight saved by using a floor-less shelter in a UL6T; you can afford to carry the extra luxury of getting off the ground for a solid nights sleep in the hills.

Featherlight weight with outstanding packability, the Lite Cot is a design achievement – a true backpacking cot. Creativity, advanced materials and innovative constructions come together in a backcountry bed that is lightweight but provides a stable, supportive, comfortable sleeping platform that’s a significant upgrade from hard, uneven or wet ground. Surface tension comes from the light and strong DAC Aluminium press fit legs. 

Helinox Lite Cot Features

  • Comfortable and supportive: Frame system provides supportive tension and structure
  • Lightweight and strong: This is the lightest Helinox cot at only 1250 g, supporting 145 kg
  • Compact and packable: Easily fits into an included cylindrical 13 x 53 cm carry sack
  • 185cm long x 53cm wide x 10cm high when assembled 
  • Simple set-up: intuitive design features a press-fit frame that locks easily into place
  • Advanced engineering: proprietary DAC TH72M Aluminium alloy frame is light, durable and strong
  • Performance materials: Durable woven sleep surface is strong, light, and breathable
  • Durable design: Built for serious use, the cot is backed by a five year warranty

Helinox Lite Cot Specifications

Assembled Packed
Height 5 in / 13 cm 5 in / 13 cm
Width 23.5 in / 60 cm 5 in / 13 cm
Weight 2 lbs. 10 oz. / 1.2 kg 2 lbs. 12 oz. / 1.24 kg
Length 72.5 in / 185 cm 20.5 in / 53 cm
Capacity 265 lb / 120 kg
Warranty 5 years

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan Mackenzie
Happy Chappy

Helinox Lite Cot. Received appears of good quality. My advice to fellow adventures don't buy cheap stuff. Buy quality from the start no matter what.
I spoke to the owner on the phone he seems to be a good genuine bloke.

Essential Kit!

Bought one of these after seeing a mate running one of these on a camping trip and was not disappointed! Super lightweight, took up hardly any room in my pack and was comfy to sleep on. Also great to get up off the ground when it's wet, highly recommended bit of kit.

Marcus Wray
Wish I'd found this earlier!

After years of dicking around with various sleep mats/pads I spat the dummy and invested in this.....I will never go back! Like all Helinox products with such a feather weight total it's hard to not be a mandatory item in your pack. I sleep on my side and this is fine. If your really counting the grams you can lose a leg stay and use only 3. As always with this brand well made and easy to use.

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