MSR Mini Groundhog Stake



MSR Mini Groundhog Stake

The MSR Mini Groundhog Stake, your ultimate companion for securing your outdoor ultralight shelter with ease. Crafted from high-quality 7000-series aluminium, these stakes offer superior durability while the reflective pull loop ensures effortless removal. With a y-beam design for unbeatable stability, they're perfect for various camping needs, available individually or in a pack of 6. Elevate your camping experience with MSR Mini Groundhog Stakes – invest in the best for a successful camping trip!

MSR Mini Groundhog Stake Features

  • Constructed from 7000-series aluminium, this stake is light, strong and rugged.
  • A reflective pull loop allows for easy removal.
  • Tent stake's y-beam design penetrates and holds.
  • Available Individually or in a pack of 6


  • Weight: 10g (Each)
  • Length: 15cm