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DAC J Stakes


DAC J Stakes

Widely accepted as the world's best tent pegs, DAC J-Stakes are ultralight, exceptionally strong and easy to use. For all those reasons they are Standard Issue with all of the PAST Outdoors shelters 

Bought to you by MONT Australia and in a high vis burnt orange these stakes are a great addition to any shelter setup.

DAC J Stakes Features

  • Ultralight at only 11g each
  • 160mm long
  • Moulded from ultralight, ultra strong anodised TH72M aluminium
  • Dual height guy-cord notches for varying peg depth
  • Tapered end for easy insertion
  • Smooth tip to prevent damage to tent when packed and in transit
  • V-shaped profile for strength and compact storage
  • Cord-loop attachment point for quick removal and for when conditions get wild
  • Comes with our own custom UHMWPE Cord attached in a loop

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
You want these DAC J Stakes

Honestly other than being light weight i wasn't sure what to expect, since using these multiple times i have learnt you don't need to hammer into the ground too far to get the best results, in fact I never do now since last time I used these DAC J stakes on very hard soil, they went straight in but then I physcially couldn't remove them (due to an arm injury, I asked a stronger freind to help) These DAC J Stakes are just as efficient to hammer in 1 inch or so in harder ground with great results.

Beau Sparks
DAC J Stakes

Quality product delivered quickly. Good experience shopping with PAST.

Marcus Wray
Just buy these!

There's no cheap pegs, there's pegs that make it a trip or 2, sometimes 2 inch into the ground! Then there pegs that cost a little more initially but last, trip after trip after trip. Just buy these.

JJ Davo
Perfect for lockdown

Got these today with same day delivery, amazing customer service. Hi vis, lightweight, compact and with eyelets to add cordage. Will go perfectly for my tarp shelters/kids backyard cubby houses. Thanks Dave.

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