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Titanium Canteen Cup to suite 1 Litre Nalgene Bottle

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Titanium Canteen Cup to suite 1 Litre Nalgene Bottle

A refresh of the 'Cups, Canteen' as it is known to those who have used them, this Titanium Alloy Cups fits over the base of your 1 Litre Nalgene (32 oz) drink bottle to save space and enhance convenience.

A staple in the military for well over one hundred years and still used today around the world. Except this is for the future, from PAST.

Measurements pressed into the side wall aid with cooking dehydrated meals and drinks.

With a lid to improve the boil time of water and folding handles there is no excuse not to have your favourite brew cooking in no time.

Perfect for use with the Amicus Stove and a Nalgene bottle this is an excellent package for those counting grams or for Outdoor Education students

Titanium Canteen Cup to suite 1 Litre Nalgene Bottle Features

  • Titanium construction offers excellent heat transfer
  • Tight fitting lid for heat retention
  • Folding handles
  • 1 Litre (32 oz) Nalgene bottle nest inside saving space
  • Measurements, in millilitres  and oz on the side wall

Titanium Canteen Cup to suite 1 Litre Nalgene Bottle Specifications

  • 100gm without lid
  • 125 gm with lid
  • 95mm outside diameter
  • 95mm height

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Coppin

For anyone with prior service the canteen cup has a special place. I have used these to shave in the field, through to holding the only hot meal/drink of the week. Unlike the military issue these fit the Nalgene (which is my bottle of choice), are made of Titanium (nothing nasty here), and with the PAST logo it is sure to gain attention from others. Dave has thoroughly thought out the design with the handle actually working when the canteen is hot, unlike others on the market. I highly recommend this to others looking for a durable product that has so many uses.

Stephen Dodd

Well made and just the perfect size

Tim Taylor

Titanium Canteen Cup to suite 1 Litre Nalgene Bottle

james bath
Can’t beat this piece of equipment!

Got to use this for the first time over the weekend, and safe to say it’s earned it’s permanent place in my pack. Saves on space and weight and on the stove boiled water in no time, the tab on on the lid made for easy removal when it was hot, same for the fold out handles. I then used the lid as a heat shield to protect tail gate of my car while coffee cooled a bit in the cup and not long until cup was safe to drink directly from as well. Very well built and highly recommend. Paired with the Soto wind master this is an unbeatable combo.

Cameron Lloyd
Quality Kit

Exactly what I have been chasing. Perfect space saving option if you are running 1L Nalgene water bottles and the lid is an awesome extra. Would recommend.

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