Hiking Individual First Aid Kit (HIFAK)


Hiking Individual First Aid Kit (HIFAK)

It is always better to be 'looking at one, than looking for one'

After many local and overseas trips, Hamish from Tegere Outdoors decided to create a 'Hiking Individual First Aid Kit' (HIFAK) that covered the individual but was also useful in a group setting without being excessive. Having worked and travelled with Hamish the team at PAST did not hesitate to recommend and stock the Tegere Outdoors HIFAK.

First Aid kits are often either overlooked, overloaded and even worse - omitted. 

The balance between functionality and weight has been achieved with the HIFAK.  

The HIFAK will also fit inside a Admin Organiser Set

The inclusion of a foam conforming splint and trauma/haemorrhage control dressing set the kit apart. Both are light weight items with a multitude of uses. When complimented with the best selling Snake Bite Kit this HIFAK is suitable for individual or small group situations such as an outdoors education guide.

Please visit Hamish's eBook Fox's Guide to Field Gear for more information on gear selection.

The HIFAK is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and was created with the input of Paramedics, hikers and other outdoor professionals. 

**All images of contents are for the purpose of displaying what items are in the kit, for actual qty's please refer to the table below.**

Hiking Individual First Aid Kit (HIFAK) Contents

Description Qty
AA01 AEROAID Antiseptic Sachet 1g 70mm x 45mm 4
ABD10 AEROBURN Burn Dressing 10 x 10cm  1
ACD1010S AEROWOUND Combine Dressing 10cm x 10cm 2
AEP1S AEROPAD Eye Pads 5.5cm x 7.7cm 2
AF9 Tweezers 9cm Steel 1
AFH100 AEROFORM Conforming H/Weight Bandage 10cm x 4M 1
AFID6S AEROFIX Island Dressing 6cm x 8cm 5
AFPW006 AEROFILM PLUS W/P Island Dressing 6 x 7cm 3
AFR50 AEROFIX Underwrap Tape 5cm x 10m x 1 1
AGL001 AEROGUIDE First Aid Leaflet 1
AGNPF02 AEROGLOVE Nitrile Glove Powder Free x 2 (Large) 2
AII2500 AEROCOOL Instant Ice Pack 80g 16cm x 9cm 2
AFP5010 AEROPLAST Plastic Strip 72mm x 19mm x 10 1
APRT38 AEROPLAST Rigid Sports Tape 38mm x 13.7M 1
APWCB10 AEROPLAST Butterfly Closures 45 x 10mm x 10 1
AR1018F AEROSPLINT 90cmx11cmx0.45cm Folded Blue/Grey 1
ASC13 Scissors Sharp/Blunt 13cm S/S 1
ASP100 AEROPROBE Splinter Probes 3.7cm 5
ATB130 AERORESCUE Thermal Blankets 140cm x 210cm 1
AW1000 AEROWASH Eye Wash 15ml Ampoule 2
FCP-01 Military Trauma & Haemorrhage 10 x 17cm  W/Dressing 1