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24 Hour Radix Meal Packs - The Endurance


Take the time out of meal planning for a trip and let our expert panel of staff choose a meal plan for you - and save up to 15% off products and be treated to a rotating list of extras we throw in for you as a treat.

With four different menus to choose from; this 24 Hour preloaded meal pack is designed to keep the body fuelled no matter what your adventure is. This pack perfect for a long over night hike or to keep in case of emergencies for your bushfire box or survival kit. Three 800 Kcal main meals are supplied for maximum nutrition. Pair this with the Fast Packer to round out and vary your diet over a few days.

Powered by Radix nutrition and supported by our other partner brands such as Clif Bar and The Original Beef Chief. Other snacks and supplementary items chosen by us (not available separately) will be included on a rotating basis.

These items may be a pack of premium noodles, hot chocolates, lollies or nuts. This meal is designed to keep you grazing between meals to avoid lapses in energy. 

We can make custom packs to suit your diet and budget (Minimum Order Quantity of five) 

We may be able substitute items if requested - just comment in your order or contact us


  • Two Radix main meals
  • One Radix breakfast
  • One Radix post workout Smoothie
  • Premium Original Beef Chief Jerky
  • Clifbar& Co Energy Bar
  • Clifbar& Co Energy Gel
  • Shin Ramen Noodles
  • The Natural Confectionary Company Mini Fruit Gems
  • Tasti or Carmens  Nut/Protein Bar
  • Cadbury Hot Chocolate
  • All packed and sealed with a menu and instructions
  • Package doubles as a rubbish bag
  • All packaging is soft plastic recyclable (return to us for discount off your next order)
  • Requires approx 950 ml of water for consumption/cooking
  • 15 x 22 x 8cm when packaged
  • 955 grams


Items may vary according to supply


Radix Breakfast

Apple Cinnamon and Turmeric 
Mixed Berry Coming Soon Coming Soon

Radix Smoothie

Strawberry & Spirulina Berry & Banana Coming Soon Coming Soon

Radix Main Meal

Lamb Mint & Rosemary Mexican Chilli and beef
Coming Soon Coming Soon
Radix Main Meal Plant Based Turkish Style Falafel Plant Based Indian Curry Coming Soon Coming Soon

OBC Jerky

Cracked Pepper
Bourbon BBQ
Coming Soon Coming Soon

Clif Bar

Sierra Trail Mix
Peanut Butter Banana
Coming Soon Coming Soon

Clif Energy Gel

Coming Soon Coming Soon


Total Nutritional Value* 

  • KCal - 3995
  • Protein - 152g
  • Fats - 200g
  • Carbs - 385g
  • Fibre - 44g

*Please refer to each item for specific nutritional information. Values may change with variations in meals.


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