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Alpha Set 4.2 Cook Set

$112 $118

Alpha Set 4.2 Cook Set

A four person cook set is complete wth bowls, mugs and two pots/ and is as at perfect for a small family in a campervan or for everyday camping and hiking.

Designed with four people in mind, the AlphaSet 4.2 is the perfect two-pot set to harness your inner outdoor-gourmet and create fresh and healthy meals in the backcountry. Using a hard-anodised alloy, the AlphaPots provide a durable, abrasion resistant and easy-to-clean cooking surface. They also feature some clever technology like the PIVOT-LOCK handle that locks firmly in place, a unique slotted strainer pattern in the lids, and the silicone LID KEEP to rest the lid on the side of your pot and not on the ground. The set includes four BPA-free, glass reinforced polypropylene DeltaLight Bowls and Insul Mugs that nest inside two large volume AlphaPots to just 15cm high.
  • Lightweight, hard-anodised alloy pot which is strong, scratch resistant and durable
  • DeltaLight ergonomically shaped bowls and mugs are BPA-free and microwave safe
  • Patent-pending PIVOT-LOCK handle with ergonomic silicone grip for secure, easy operation
  • When folded, the PIVOT-LOCK handle locks the lid to the pot to contain the complete set for compact packing
  • Textured pot base ensure stability on camping stoves
  • Large internal radius allows easy cleaning and matches the Delta cutlery profile
  • Easy-flow strainer lid for efficient draining
  • Integrated patent-pending LID KEEP rests lid on side of pot


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