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Learn the art of navigation!

Conveniently located in Sydney’s suburbs and on the coast of New South Wales.

Spend a day learning the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to navigate using a map and compass.

This course is conducted by Wayfinder Fieldskills with the theory and classroom lessons conducted at PAST HQ and the practical out in the local bushlands. 

Your instructors will impart knowledge gained through years of extensive military and Special Operations experience.

You will learn:

  • Map reading
  • Read and plot grid references
  • How to use a compass
  • Navigating cross country using only a map and compass

No prior experience or equipment is needed, this course is designed for:

  • Hikers
  • Orienteering and rogaining participants
  • Hunters
  • Trail Runners
  • Back Country Hiking

About your instructor

Clancy, the founder of Way-finder field skills, grew up doing multi day hikes with his mother  in the Tasmanian wilderness. As a teenager and young adult, if he wasn’t somewhere in the mountains of Tasmania then he could be found climbing at a rock face, fishing a wild river or riding a mountain bike trail.

This love of adventure led Clancy to join the military in 2003 where he served for 13yrs in both regular infantry and special operations. During his time in the Army he successfully completed 3 sniper qualifications- basic sniper course, advanced sniper team leader course and special forces sniper course. All 3 of these courses tested his skill and ability in the field environment to their utmost and created an exponential growth in knowledge and comfort in the bush.

Those skills are underpinned by one thing - pinpoint accuracy in the art of navigation.

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