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Hardside Hydration Swig Rig


Hardside Hydration Swig Rig

Turn your Nalgene (or similar bottle) into an awesome hydration system with the Swig Rig Kit. All Swig Rigs include everything you need to add a hose You can add options like bottles and sleeves to customise the kit just the way you like.

Choose between a clear hose, a high vis orange or a black insulated hose - the insulation is applied to the hose an is not a sleeve.

Hardside Hydration Swig Rig Features

  • Integrated handle for fingers or carabiners
  • One-way silicone valve allows air in but keeps your bottle leak proof.
  • Convenient 2 piece design makes opening easy while your hose is attached and the raised rim protects the valve and hose barb.
  • Unique hose barb will accept multiple sizes of hoses.

Hardside Hydration Swig Rig Kit Contains

  • 2-Piece Cap
  • Straw (pre-cut for 48oz/1.5 litre. Nalgene Silo, simply trim it down for smaller bottles)
  • Silicone Valve (+ 1 spare valve)
  • 100cm Long Hose w/ TruSwig (provides pure tasting water)
  • Optional 100cm Long Insulated Hose (Insulation is applied directly to tubing, not a sleeve)
  • High Flow 90 Degree Bite Valve with Cover
  • Hose Quick Disconnect
  • Backpack Hose Clip

Hardside Hydration Swig Rig Kit Specifications

    • Swig 63 Cap: 36g
    • Hose w/ bite valve: 65g
    • Hose Accessories Kit: 17g

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Swig rig

      Great product and excellent service

      Patrick Coppin
      The invention we all wanted.

      Top bit of kit. I run Nalgene's exclusively as they are easy to refill, tough and durable, and they remind everyone that I am an outdoorsman with my cult like sticker mods. The biggest issue is their wide mouth means they spill and are a little bit of a pain to get in and out of the pack due to their size (their size is also an advantage). The use of the swig rig fixes those issues. I can have the bottle I want, that is far superior to a camelback/bladder type water container, with the versatility of the long straw. Set up is easy, cleaning appears far simpler than camelback options, and replacement parts mean less wastage if things do fail in time to come. Highly recommend anyone who runs Nalgene bottles to have this bit of kit.

      Ben Burnett
      Great Piece of Gear

      Great piece of gear. Takes a bit of getting used to if you've never used a bite piece. Priming when you refill also takes a bit of effort.
      Only negative was I ordered 2 items one came with and instruction card and most important a spare valve the other didn't.

      Larissa H
      Fantastic invention

      I bought these to level up my use of Nalgene bottles. I’m quite happy with hydration packs in my trail running packs but in my big multi day backpack I find them incredibly annoying to refill. I moved to bottles as they were more accessible and easily refillable. Even the. I found I often wasn’t drinking enough. Then I saw this miraculous thing. It’s hot here and I like to fill my water bottles with ice and water. The swig rig is really well made and after stashing my light weight Nalgene into my pack pocket I thread the hose up across and between the load lifters and harness behind me, down through a loop in the shoulder strap and then secure it on the other strap with the special backpack hose clip. Things I love about this- the colour the adjustability options, the really well designed hose clip, the bite valve with lock and cover. This thing absolutely helps me to drink more and stay hydrated and there is absolutely NO yucky plastic taste. I also team this with a neoprene cover on my bottle and my water stays cold for hours. Worth every cent.

      Belinda Osborne
      Great system

      Great flow and comfortable mouth piece. I purchased this along with the 1.5L Nalgene bootle as I needed to double my water carry for a 6 day hike in the NT Outback, and I didn't want to squeeze a bladder in my already full 50L pack. My search led me to PAST Outdoors. The swig rig with nalgene bottle work perfectly for my needs. Easy to swap to my day pack and I keep the bottle in the fridge ready to go. Added bonus, the swig rig cap also fits my existing 1.5L Camelback bottle (you just need to adjust the straw height or get another straw if using with different size bottles).

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