PAST Outdoors

Individual Cooking Starter Pack


Compact, versatile and ideal for any adventure - from your first Duke of Edinburgh hike, to a multi-day back country adventure. 

Starting with the compact Soto Amicus Stove that along with a 100gm Butane Gas canister (sold separately) will nest inside our very own Titanium Cup this system will form one of the lightest and most compact cooking systems around.

Need water too? The 1 Litre Nalgene Wide Mouth is a staple in most outdoors enthusiasts kit. This bootle can nest snuggly inside your titanium cup to save addition space. 

Add our own long handled spork in there and you can now scrape every last morsel of food from you favourite Radix meal without getting it all over your hands

Customer Reviews

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James Dykes

Outdoor gear sold by the people that use it and know what is of value in the field!.

This system I’ve found to excel, being lighter than other popular alternatives with no sacrifice in performance.

It’s refreshing to see such a level of customer service with help and assistance to purchase gear that is suitable for your needs.
I look forward to purchasing more gear in the future from Past outdoors.

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