The Original Beef Chief

Loaded Gunpowder Beef Jerky


Gunpowder Jerky is what you get when you let a soldier loose in the smokehouse. 

Salty and Peppery, covered with activated charcoal that’s been cold smoked over Australian Redgum. The name doesn't seem to make sense at first.

Salt and pepper is an old favourite for making jerky. A simple recipe as old as the process of making beef jerky itself. But the Beef Chief has taken salt and pepper and given it a mean streak.

A perfect compliment to our range of hiking food and supplements to ensure you get all the nutrients you need on your next adventure.

17 grams of protein


Customer Reviews

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Trevor Walker
Gunpowder Beef Jerky

Great flavour with good kick, I will be purchasing again

Like a shotgun to the tastebuds!

The first few chews have you thinking it's regular jerky. Then the gunpowder kicks in and there is an explosion in your mouth. Not for the faint hearted but I reckon give it a whirl if you are buying a few bags of jerky. My favourite of the range. Yes, I've tried them all.

Perfect snack

I grabbed a bag of this Jerky as a snack when I was in the store. Perfect size and the flavour was amazing. I’m keen to try the others!!! The name is what got me with this one though!!! Love it!!!

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