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The Ultralight Six Person Tipi (UL6T)

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**We are expecting a price increase from 1 December 2022 due to rising materials and shipping costs. to allow for this we now include seam sealing with all tipi purchases**

Our PAST Outdoors signature product that will see you living comfortably in the outdoors all year round - meet the The Ultralight Six Person Tipi (UL6T).

Proven in the hills of NZ and across Australia the UL6T is the game changer for your winter adventures. A true four season tent that has the ability to be heated with our own  optional Titanium Wood Stove

A design collaboration between architects, industrial designers, former special forces operators and parachute riggers; this shelter is a new concept in the Australian market. 

From a portable home office away form home to a back country basecamp the UL6T will be the envy of all other in your camp ground.

An ultralight tipi designed for all year round comfort. 

Featuring the ability to pitch in minutes and can be configured in many ways from a 5-6 person floor less shelter right up to a completely enclosed critter proof 3-4 person sleeping bay. All whilst enjoying the comfort of an optional titanium wood stove to keep you warm all year round.

If you would like a private demonstration or tour, either in store or via video chat you book one here.

Sleeping capacity guidelines:

No stove or liner: 6 adults

Stove, no liner: 4 Adults

Stove and liner: 3 Adults 


High Tenacity 6.6 Double Coated Silicone Impregnated 30 Denier Ripstop Nylon

Hydrostatic Head rating >3000mm

Military Grade (MilSpec) Webbing tie outs

Inner tie outs for fast connection of accessories

12 Hi-vis Reflective 2.5 mm UHMWPE Quick Attach Guy Ropes

12 Tie down and guy rope points

Heavy Duty #8 YKK Zippers

High Temp Stove Jack for the optional Titanium Wood Stove

Comes standard with 24 DAC Featherlite 160mm J-Stakes

All stakes and guy lines come in one of our Accessory Organisers 

Note: UL6T Mesh Nest liner and half floor sold separately

Specifications : 

Outer shell 2000gm

Alloy Pole (Included) 900gm

24 DAC Stakes 265gm

Carbon Fibre Pole (optional) 490gm

Height 2400mm

Diameter 4500mm

Packed size: 20x20x30cm (uncompressed)

Seam Sealing


Seam Sealing is done as orders are placed so please expect another 2 days for dispatch depending on demand. 


Only the PAST Outdoors  Titanium Wood Stove should be used in conjunction with this tipi. Using any other stove will void the warranty and is not recommended.

Adequate ventilation must be ensured at all times when cooking or heating

No fire or stove should be left unattended or left on whilst people are sleeping

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Zeng
As versatile as you want to be

I've had the UL6 now for just over a year now. Since that time, I have done everything from car camping, camping on the east coast of New Zealand only accessible by boat and back pack hunting in the Southern Alps. I can say that it is truly a versatile product.
On a recent trip to the southern alps, a group of us shared the carriage of the tent and titanium stove, weighing a total of 5kg, which divided across a group is considered ultra light. The tent was sturdy and comfortable, the titanium stove provided much needed warmth and ambience in the evenings. For people considering an ultra light expedition tent with a firebox, this is it! For those people camping at campgrounds with their family, this is it! It's big enough to fit 5 lads, with all their kit and the firebox.
It is a well thought out package, I've found that I've always had enough pegs to properly secure the tent, everything is neatly organized into the kit bag that it comes with.

Patrick Galvin
Best Investment I've Made in a While

What can I say, the UL6T is awesome. I was in the market for a bigger tent where I could camp with my wife but still also use it for my adventures. Her criteria was that she had to be able to stand up in whatever I invested in so i looked at all options and there are lots of great 4WD style large tents but they are too one dimensional and only one use - car camping. Anyway I needed something that is lightweight and high spec/high performance and built to last that I can both car camp and use in the backcountry.

I found the UL6T and had a great discusson with Dave about it and he couldn't have done more to assist. I made the investment and have spent at least 25 nights in it and I cannot fault it in anyway. It's a superb tent with multiple options to set up with a groundsheet or the full mesh lining and the option of adding the stove. There was no corners cut in the design and materials, even the guy lines, pegs, buckles and clips are top spec.

To sum it up, the UL6T versatile and a pleasure to use. It makes me look forward even more to the next adventure!
Thanks Dave and team!

Thanks Patrick for taking the time to review. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you as a customer and we love seeing you get out there and use the UL6T.

Josh Stuchbery
High quality, great size and weight

Have enjoyed over 30 nights in the UL6T and mesh nest and so far so good. The materials and build quality are strong and thought through. There's good flexibility around being able the doors in different ways to suit different needs. The size is perfect for me - I'm 176cm and can fit my sleeping mat along the radius if desired. And it feels super lightweight for a tent its size. Happy to highly recommend this to others.

Hamish Fox
A versatile group camping structure.

I was lucky enough to sleep in the UL6T during a recent trip to New Zealand. All up we spent 5 or 6 nights in varying conditions including snow and strong wind. Upon first set up I was impressed with how easily it goes up. The carbon pole clips together with little effort, some care taken to peg out the fly and you'll be standing under a tipi within 10 minutes. The UL6T is very spacious and for the most part of this trip we ran the half-floor which have us the freedom to roll out our sleep systems on a clean and dry area. The remaining half of the floor area was left for firewood, packs, Helinox Ground Chairs and most importantly the PAST titanium wood heater/stove. During the periods of gusty wind we experienced one of the guy rope toggles give way (as it's designed to do) but a quick half hitch had us back in the safe zone. Might I mention that the tipi is generously equipped with peg down and guy rope points. The structure in its entirety is relatively light weight, especially considering there is room to sleep up to 6 people if required, however I would say 3-4 is the optimum number of occupants to allow some admin space. We had 3 blokes, packs, sleep gear and the respectable amount of firewood required to fend off the -7 degree temps we copped at some of the tops and it worked really well. A perfect group camping/hiking/hunting structure which has versatility in its setup options to allow for ultralight and ultra-comfortable. Highly recommend.

Marcus Wray
Not just a lightweight hunting tent!

Dave sorted us out with a few a range of gear one being the UL6T, gave a set up demo, tricks & tips as well as went above & beyond sorting a error on the courier's part. Even thought this is a ultra lightweight trekking/hunting Shelter our 1st trip was family winter camping. The being able to stand, the mid height guys all made it feel alot bigger on the inside. Having the stove cranking made mornings and evenings cozy for the kids and the inner made for an impenetrable barrier that ment even a 2 year couldn't get to the stove.
Setup was very easy and to prove the point we had to move a few meters, once up quick adjust and get the guys working to create the extra room which meant more time enjoying the countryside with the kids.With the guys there's endless ways to ventilate if required, the little touches like the door tie backs, bottom skirt, high quantity pegs, high strength low weight guys, replaceable components, tipi admin bag that you can hang off the pole that becomes a hub for all you small, (lossables) items, phone, keys, dummy etc proved invaluable. I have used and owned many different tent's over the years, but a tent that housed a family of 4 comfortably that then packed down in to such a tiny size ment no hanging off the roof or strapping thing down was another treat.
High quality, well thought out, multi use tent in a tiny package, get one ordered!

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