Jetboil Jetpower Fuel Canister


**Instore pickup or local delivery only due to Dangerous Good Classification

The most advanced Four Season Isobutane/propane fuel available, Jetpower will fuel any stove you own with designed for use with screw on style fittings.

The 100g canister is the most versatile canister for any adventure. It fill fit inside any Jetboil / MSR Windburner personal cooking system as well as inside the Soto Navigator Cookset With a smaller canister, the 100g Jetpower can be easily stored inside your jacket or sleeping bag to keep the gas warm in sub zero temperatures.

Use the mid size 230g canister for group cooking or longer trips where the monster 450g is perfect for hut or car camping.

Formulated for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, our high-performance propane/isobutane four-season blend delivers higher vapor pressure for improved performance in cold weather.

**Instore pickup or local delivery only due to Dangerous Good Classification


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Customer Reviews

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Mick Woodney
Does the trick

It's Jetboil gas, what else do you need to know? The little cannisters are great for chucking in your webbing with a folding gas stove, water bottle and a cups canteen so you can brew on the go. Also fits nicely in the external pocket of my civvy pack so I can get a brew on without having to rat through the interior of the pack. Would caution that the baby cannisters seem a little unstable on the OG Jetboil, or it could be operator error (I don't use a stabiliser thingy), I would recommend the larger cannisters for that, but your experience may vary. As a final thought, the Jetboil branded gas seems to be more efficient than others on the market, particularly in really cold conditions

Brad Knapp
Ever reliable

I needed a canister that worked in the cold conditions of the snowy mountains, and the Jetboil canister lit up every time 👌. Highly recommended.

Dave Mann
Jet boil fuel

Never fails

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