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Sea To Summit Ether Light XT Insulated Women's

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A three season sleeping mat that is lightweight, compact and inflates in seconds.

Featuring a women’s specific shape that is wider at the hip and narrower at the shoulder, Exkin Platinum® and a thicker THERMOLITE® insulative layer are combined with a loop baffle Air Sprung Cell™ construction to create a 10cm thick mat with an incredibly low weight. Larger air pockets are created by using many looped TPU baffles which connect the top and bottom fabric layers with our Air Sprung Cell™ dot weld pattern. The looped baffles allow the top and bottom layers to be positioned further apart creating larger pockets of air when inflated that require less fabric overall. Perfect for side sleepers, the extra height of this mat lets hips sink deeper into it without touching the ground.

Sea To Summit Ether Light XT Insulated Women's Features

  • Includes an Airstream™ Pump that is integrated into the stuff sack for quick and easy inflation
  • Extra Thick (XT) loop baffle Air Sprung Cells™
  • Thicker THERMOLITE® layer for increased warmth
  • Lightweight, quiet and grippy 30/40D Nylon fabric, field repairable with included self-adhesive patches
  • Exkin Platinum® and THERMOLITE® for insulation
  • Air Sprung Cells™ for a more comfortable sleep
  • Ultra-Fresh® anti-microbial treatment to the TPU formula to prevent internal mould growth
  • Multi-functional, high flow-rate valve
  • PillowLock™ attaches your Aeros™ pillow to your mat, holding it in place for a slip-free sleep

    Sea To Summit Ether Light XT Insulated Women's Specifications


    • R Value - 3.5
    • Weight - 495g
    • Dimensions - 168 X 55 X 10cm
    • Rolled size - 12x24cm


    • R Value - 3.5
    • Weight - 600g
    • Dimensions -  183 X 64 X 10cm
    • Rolled size - 13x28cm


    Customer Reviews

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    Ether light XT insulated women’s sleeping mat

    Absolutely love this sleeping mat! I’m a big side sleeper and the mat I had before just wasn’t cutting it in comfort, where this mat has the extra padding for it! 100% recommend for side sleepers. Also rolls up super small and really light. Great bit of gear for my hiking bag!

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