Soto Muka Stove


Soto Muka Stove

Introducing the Muka Stove by SOTO – a trailblazing gasoline stove meticulously engineered for unparalleled outdoor performance. This powerhouse eliminates the hassle associated with traditional liquid fuel stoves, with no preheating required, no soot production, and minimal cleaning, the Muka Stove is a game-changer for adventurers seeking efficiency and ease.

With no time-consuming priming rituals required – the Muka Stove is ready for action after just a few pumps. Its clean-burning technology ensures a residue-free pot bottom, minimising the need for tedious cleaning tasks. Thanks to the innovative SOTO SmartPump, this stove redefines the conventional understanding of gasoline stoves. With precise fuel dosage, allowing for a high and constant output that meets the demands of your outdoor pursuits.

Designed with the modern adventurer in mind, the Muka Stove is not only powerful but also compact and lightweight. Perfect for demanding tours, activities, and expeditions, this stove is a reliable companion for those who seek efficiency without compromise.

Elevate your outdoor experience with the Muka Stove – where innovation meets adventure.

Note: Only compatible with the SOTO Fuel Bottle

Soto Muka Stove Features

  • Also suitable for heavy pots
  • For unleaded gasoline or white gas (purified gasoline)
  • Very high-quality, powerful pump with an integrated pressure display and emergency-stop switch
  • The pump is firmly secured to the fuel duct with a bayonet-style fitting.
  • Robust pump housing made of aluminum
  • Multiple awards

Soto Muka Stove Specifications

  • Packed size 8 x 6.5 x 8cm
  • Output 4,000 kcal / h 4,650 W 15,800 BTU
  • Weight: 63 g; Burner including pump: 333 g
  • Pot Support 15 cm diameter
  • Minimum Pot Diameter 5.8cm