Dog And Gun Coffee

Dog and Gun Coffee - Pre Loaded Drip Filters


Dog and Gun Coffee - Pre Loaded Drip Filters

The Dog and Gun Coffee single-serve pour over drip filters ensure you can brew anywhere, anytime with maximum convenience. Pre-Loaded™ with cafe-quality coffee and sealed for freshness, all you need is a mug to hang them on and the ability to boil water. 

The Roasts

The Sambar

Sambar, like its name sake, is a heavy-hitting, full bodied dark roast with beans sourced from Papua New Guinea. Full-bodied with a bold flavour of dark cacao, molasses, raisins and toasted walnuts. With low acidity and high bitterness the Sambar is perfect for those who like a little more oomph in their coffee. 

The Red Stag

Red Stag is D&Gs signature medium roast, again with beans sourced from a single estate in PNG. Medium bodied with flavours of chocolate, brown sugar and hint of spice and citrus. A medium level of acidity with ow bitterness makes the Red Stag the perfect filter coffee.

Dog and Gun Coffee - Pre Loaded Drip Filter Features

  • Individually sealed for convenience
  • Available in two roasts
  • Choose from single bag to sample or a box of 20 for the camping box or office
  • 14g of coffee per serving

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert Targett
Coffee lover.

Possibly some of the best coffee I've drunk! Surprised me, probably better coffee than I can get from most cafes. And so easy!

Kevin Douglas
Dog n Gun coffee

This coffee is great to take camping or remote work sites where good coffee is hard to get, its easy to use you just need to boil y water, great tasting and gives you the kick start y need to get you through the day

Jack M
Top brew in the right format

As much as l like grinding and brewing my own coffee in the wild, I don't always like carrying and prepping all the gear. These are great for going light but keeping some great quality and another factor going toward conservations is always a plus. Love that it actually fits my stainless steel cup.

Larissa H
Great coffee for backpacking

Bought these for my husband and his friend. They used them on the weekend and loved them. They work beautifully hanging on the top of the mug and filter the coffee quickly and produce a good crema. They were happy with the flavour and added sweetened condensed milk to produce what they said was a 5 star backpacking coffee. Light and easy to use with a minimum of fuss.

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