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PAST Outdoors Titanium Fold-up Stove - Medium

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PAST Outdoors Titanium Fold-up Stove

The PAST Outdoors Titanium Fold Up Stove has been developed to be the most versatile fold up stove available. Small enough to be backpacked in with any of our shelters yet large enough to heat and cook off in your base camp.

This stove converts any of the PAST Outdoors shelters into heated base camps that enable you to extend your season, reduce the need for fuel and most of all keep you comfortable and outdoors for longer.

Total control of the heat via front air intake on the door and a dampener in the flu enable the stove to be used for low temperature cooking and slow combustion burning or high temperature and fast heating.

The stove is stored and transported flat and comparable to a small laptop and with the flu the size of a large beer can. Each piece (stove and flu) come in their own 500D Cordura case that enables easy packing and distribution of weight between your group.

With the inclusion of a titanium alloy 'U-turn' flexible side walls as a standard, weight can be shaved for long back pack trips where the grams matter.

The top of the stove easily accommodates both pots from the Soto Navigator cook-set and with the solid walls installed will support a cast iron frypan.

Two options are available for assembly:

The solid wall: best for for car, canoe, helicopter and motorbike based camping and base camps.

The U-Turn: The solid walls are left in the car and a titanium foil 'U-turn' style wall is used saving 400gm of weight.

PAST Outdoors Titanium Fold-up Stove Assembly

We recommend practising the assembly of your stove prior to field use. Detailed video instruction can be found on our YouTube channel

PAST Outdoors Titanium Fold-up Stove Burning In

Titanium stoves require 'burning in' in order to heat treat the titanium and set the memory of the flu material. We provide a tutorial on how to do this via our YouTube channel

PAST Outdoors Titanium Fold-up Stove Specifications


H 25 x D 350 x W 210mm Transport

H 300 x D 350 x W 210 Assembled(including legs)

1415g (solid wall)

995g (U-Turn)



60 (Diameter) x 270mm Tranport

60 x 3000mm Assembled - excess is supplied to trim to your desired length

484g Maximum Weight @ 3000mm length


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