The Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief Chipotle Fatty Biltong


Original Beef Chief Chipotle Fatty Biltong

The Beef Chiefs Chipotle Biltong is nothing short of a crowd favourite, a flavour that perfectly complements our quality beef. when you first rip open the bag you get hit with a smokey aroma. On your first chew that smokiness moves to the back of your mouth while the classic Chipotle sweetness shines through. A touch of spice dances on the tongue as you chew through it.

A bit of salt and pepper makes itself known at the end of your bite. All tender, not one bit of gristle. Check out the coating on each piece. This is a well seasoned, impressive slice of Biltong.

Beef Chiefs Chipotle recipe is nothing short of a flavour explosion and when paired with our quality Biltong you’ll think you’ve died and gone to beefy heaven!

Smokey, tangy, classic Chipotle blend. No joke this flavour is UNREAL - get a chew and find out!


Tender and delicious slices of authentic, traditional Beef Biltong. Beef Chief have made it impossible to turn down this amazing South African beef snack!

Biltong is TENDER - it chews easier than our beef jerky; our crafted drying process leaves each slice very chewable and moreish.

Biltong starts life as large chunks of topside beef. The outside is generously seasoned the meat hung and left to dry.  As it dries the thickness of the beef allows the inside to remain soft and tender - the opposite to beef jerky. Beef Chief's Biltong is sliced ready-to-eat, so you can stick your hand in and smash the entire bag without any delays.

Beef Chief's Biltong is not only ridiculously tasty, its also extremely versatile. It can be eaten on its own as a snack, diced up into casseroles/stews, thrown on top of a home made pizza, stirred through some 2 minute noodles, throw a handful into a salad to BEEF it up or added to toasted sangas and charcuterie boards!

Beef Chief offer a damn good flavoursome chew to each piece. We take great care when making our Biltong - so you get to indulge into the best Biltong ever.

A perfect compliment to our range of hiking food and supplements to ensure you get all the nutrients you need on your next adventure.

25 grams of protein