Sea To Summit

Sea to Summit Ground Control Guy Cords


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Sea to Summit Ground Control Guy Cords

Lightweight tent stability is increased in high winds with the use of Sea to Summit Ground Control Guy Cords. The custom quick-connect V-Toggles on each guy cord make it easy to set up and take down the tent without having to tie a knot. There is an additional benefit to the reflective cords; not only does it reduce the risk of tripping over at night, but it also makes locating the tent through a headlamp in poorly-lit conditions easier. These cords come standard with Alto and Telos tents and can also be purchased separately.

Ground Control Guy Cords feature numerous guy loops that allow for secure attachment of Alto or Telos tents in strong winds. The integrated adjuster makes tensioning the cords a breeze and multiple cords can be linked together for greater length.

The set comprises of two 2.2m / 7 ft 3 in and two 1m / 3ft 3in guy cords. These are ideal for securing lightweight tents such as the Alto and Telos – camping tents or tarps may need longer guylines. 

Sea to Summit Ground Control Guy Cords Features

  • Secure your tent with extra guys cords in high winds and storms
  • Quick-connect, knot-free V-Toggle attachment for ease of use
  • Integrated cord length adjuster”multiple guy cords can also join together for extra length
  • Strong, lightweight, braided reflective and UV-resistant cord
  • Tightly woven cord resists tangling
  • Pack of four guy cords: 2 x 2.2m | 7ft 3in & 2 x 1m | 3ft 3in