PAST Outdoors

24 Hour Radix Meal Packs - Outdoor Ed/ Cadet -Gluten Free


Ultralight hiking food, pre packed and ready for use

Our Outdoor Ed/Cadet meal packs have been developed with input form industry experts and the Military. All of the packs are Gluten Free and mostly plant based to reduce the risk of allergens

With three different menus to choose from and one of those a vegan option; these 24 Hour preloaded meal packs are designed to keep the body fuelled no matter what your adventure is. Perfect for outdoor education students and Cadets, bike packing or any endurance event where you may not stop for lunch.

In these packs, designed for a high energy lunch on the move, a main meal is supplemented by additional snacks that enable a slow grazing approach whilst conducting activity.

Powered by Radix nutrition and supported by our other partner brands such as Clif Bar The Original Beef Chief, Atlas Wild and Noble Vegan Jerky. Other snacks and supplementary items chosen by us (not available separately) will be included on a rotating basis.

We may be able to substitute items if requested - just comment in your order or contact us

Our menus have a primary and a secondary option that may vary with availability. 

We can make custom packs to suit your diet and budget (Minimum Order Quantity of five) 


    • One Radix main meal
    • One Radix breakfast
    • Premium Original Beef Chief Jerky or Nobel Vegan Jerky
    • 2 x Atlas Wild Bars or Clif Builders Bars
    • Clifbar @ Co Bloks Energy Chews
    • Clifbar& Co Energy Gel
    • Skittles (Vegan)
    • Tasti or Carmens  Nut/Protein Bar (except for the Vegan options)
    • Atlas Industrial - Regenerat8 Electorlyte Replacement
    • All packed and sealed with a menu and instructions
    • Package doubles as a rubbish bag
    • All packaging is soft plastic recyclable 
    • Requires approx 520ml of water for consumption/cooking
    • 15 x 22 x 8cm when packaged
  • 750 grams


Items may vary according to supply - we give you two options so trust us



Plant Based

Radix 800 Breakfast

Apple & Cinnamon 
Mixed Berry
Mixed Berry

Radix 800 Main Meal

Smokey BBQ or Indian Curry


Perri Perri or Basil Pesto
Mexican Chilli or Turkish Falafel


Total Approx. Nutritional Value* 

  • KCal - 2794
  • Protein - 127g
  • Fats - 140g
  • Carbs - 268g
  • Fibre - 37g

*Please refer to each item for specific nutritional information. Values may change with variations in meals. Please check each each individual item for your own dietary and allergen information prior to consumption.

**This pack is not designed for long term storage due to the low preservative content across the food items. we endeavour to give you at least six months shelf life for the entire pack - not, Radix has a five year shelf life. It is normally the Clif products and Jerky that will reach the Best Before date first and it is the users discretion on consumption post that date