Past Outdoors was founded in 2020 and is located in Stanwell Park at the foot of Illawarra Escarpment on the NSW South Coast. Combining a passion for the outdoors, conservation and creativity, along with the team's experience of conducting and supporting Special Operations; PAST Outdoors creates minimalist, ultralight shelters using modern materials and design concepts.

What we do

Every product is designed through user experience and Design Thinking practices, refined by our industrial designers and engineers and then field tested by a variety of end users in a broad range of environments.

With our large network of outdoor recreation industry experts and in-house design, PAST Outdoors can design, rapid prototype and test our products continuously.

Our experience in the outdoors and in conducting Special Operations, where the performance of personnel and equipment is essential to mission success, has driven our product design and testing protocols.

Being a small company, we aspire to maintain quality control through ownership and control of our entire supply chain. We only use validated manufacturers and tested materials.

Who We Are

Parker And Sons Trading (PAST) Pty Ltd was founded by Dave Parker in 2020, with the goal of getting more people into the outdoors and appreciating what nature has to offer in any season, weather or terrain.

Drawing inspiration from his family (rich in innovation and self-starters), Dave chose the trading name PAST to honour the previous generations of his family. By keeping the family name alive and carrying on the work which was started when his grandfather, Arthur 'Digger' Parker, founded his first business making concrete water tanks, Dave hopes to lay the foundations for future generations.

After almost 20 years conducting Special Operations in the Australian Army and then completing an MBA, Dave combines his experience and passion for the outdoors, conservation and creativity. In doing this, PAST Outdoors was born to help connect people with the outdoors and to bring comfort in a traditionally uncomfortable environment.

Connecting with the outdoors connects us to our PAST and to who we are as humans.