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UL6T - Carbon Fibre Tipi Pole


UL6T - Carbon Fibre Tipi Pole

Upgrade your tipi whilst shedding 480g from your load out with our own custom crafted carbon fibre pole.

Utilising a roll wrapping process where layers of carbon fibres are pre-impregnated with thermosetting epoxy resin and rolled onto steel or mandrels. The layers are then compressed to remove entrapped air and heated to cure the resin, after which the mandrel is withdrawn.

Using roll wrapped, mandrel formed and heat cured carbon fibre that is made in NZ then engineered in Australia by a local bespoke yacht builder, this pole is ready for what ever you can throw at it.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Six sections
  • Sections nest in to form three separate pieces - easy to distribute the weight  amongst friends
  • Fully adjustable
  • Sections can be removed or added for a variety of different pitch/shelters
  • PE Plastic end caps - will not damage your shelter
  • Suspension system for UL6T Mesh Nest liner included
  • 2 silicone backed hook/loop straps included for easy stowage
  • 520g
  • Packed Length 510mm
  • Adjustable length (all sections)  2275 - 2610mm
  • 8mm Solid Steel Button Spring adjusters
  • Tube diameter 27.5mm (Outer) 25mm (Inner)