Moroka 30

Moroka 30 Zero QR Rifle Sling


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Moroka 30 Zero QR Rifle Sling

Introducing the Moroka 30 Zero QR Rifle Sling, a cutting-edge innovation designed to revolutionise your shooting experience. This forward-facing, "weightless" rifle carriage system is a world-first, offering unparalleled control and readiness.

When integrated with a full frame pack, the ZERO QR Rifle Sling grants users exceptional freedom of movement by efficiently removing and dispersing the rifle weight from the shoulder down through the lumbar/spine. By leveraging backpack frame ergonomics, this sling reduces approximately 75% of the overall felt weight of the firearm, ensuring effortless carrying.

Experience ultimate freedom while stalking, as the ZERO allows hands-free movement, enhancing balance, observation, and easy access to equipment like binoculars. Its on-the-fly, fully adjustable design provides unmatched customisation, enabling users to choose horizontal or near-vertical rifle carry positions.

The sling features a form-fitted "gun boot" that can be precisely adjusted for height and angle using webbing adjusters and tri-glides. Once positioned, these settings can be locked in place, ensuring a permanent preferred release position tailored to individual users.

Ideal for both open terrain and dense bush, the ZERO QR Rifle Sling boasts a positive, ambidextrous quick-release cord. With a simple pull, users can swiftly shoulder their rifle, enabling lightning-fast targeting and steadier shots without arm fatigue.

Upgrade your shooting game with Moroka 30's Zero QR Rifle Sling – the epitome of speed, precision, and comfort. Get on target faster and stay there with confidence.

Moroka 30 Zero QR Rifle Sling Features

• World-first forward facing hands free design.
• Around 75% reduction in felt weight of the rifle.
• Allows for both horizontal and near vertical rifle carry for both left and right handers.
• Removes contact, pressure and stress on the shoulder, neck and spine.
• Quick release pull tab allows for fast target acquisition.