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Sea To Summit Watercell X Water Bladder

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Sea To Summit Watercell X Water Bladder

Explore innovative water storage with Sea to Summit's Watercell X. This durable soft-cell solution offers easy filling, stacking, and draining, thanks to its 3D shape and internal baffle design. The multi-function cap controls flow and features adjustable handles, lashing points, and a hook buckle for versatile carrying and hanging options. Made from abrasion-resistant 400D nylon and food-grade TPU lining, it ensures both strength and safety, while being BPA/PVC-free.

Sea to Summit’s Watercell X provides lightweight water storage and works seamlessly across all your hydration platforms. The widemouth cap is compatible with Nalgene and MSR accessories making it simple to connect hydrations hoses and water filtration devices.

The best bit is, the Watercell X suspends from the pole of the UL6T to provide on demand water whilst cooking off the Titanium Wood Stove.

Sea To Summit Watercell X Water Bladder Features

  • Strong RF welded 3D shape with internal baffle for ease of use and compact packing
  • Multi-function cap with customisable flow-control and standard wide-mouth opening
  • Adjustable webbing strap system for carrying, lashing and hanging
  • Extra-small shower fitting attaches to webbing strap for safekeeping
  • Food-grade TPU lining is BPA and PVC-free
  • Made from flexible and abrasion-resistant 400D nylon fabric for durability and easy packing
  • Expeditions, Bike Packing, 4WD Touring, Paddle Trips, Van Life, Camping, Backpacking.

Sea To Summit Watercell X Water Bladder Specifications

4L 6L 10L 20L
DIMENSIONS 28 x 21 x 10 cm 35 x 23 x 10 cm 42 x 28 x 12 cm 51 x 37 x 16 cm
VOLUME 4L 6L 10L 20L
WEIGHT 170 g 195 g 245 g 335 g

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