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PAST Outdoors Titanium Long Spork


PAST Outdoors Titanium Long Spork

The only piece of ultralight cutlery you need
Perfect for getting right down to the last drop of food from your Radix Nutrition meal or for deep pots such as a Jetboil or MSR Wind burner.
A solid, long handled spork eliminates the need for other utensils and unlike a plastic spoon will not melt if left in a pot whilst cooking.
Light and strong, it can be carried anywhere and can easily slip into your every day carry to reduce disposable cutlery or compliment your existing hiking and camping set up.  

PAST Outdoors Titanium Long Spork Features

  • Ultralight and super-strong titanium alloy
  • Smooth matte finish for a comfortable feel
  • Tough and lightweight for lifelong use
  • Perfect length for Radix food pouches

PAST Outdoors Titanium Long Spork Specifications

  • 100% Food Grade Titanium Alloy
  • Dimensions: 4 x 1 x 22cm
  • Weight: 17g

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Vince Wilkins
Past Titanium Spork

Very happy with the product and the service.

So simple but so so good

Can't believe I spent years getting my knuckles dirty digging deep into meal pouches for those last morsels of food! You definitely need this in your pack! And the smooth finish on the business end is an unbelievable upgrade over the regular titanium cutlery that is definitely worth it. Especially if you eat prepacked dehydrated meals, you need this and will not regret it

David Zeng
Neat piece of kit

Great spork. Its longer than your standard to reach into those freeze dried food packages without getting food on your knuckles. The titanium means that its ultra light and the smooth surface at the business end of the spork means that its easily cleaned.

Spork sounds better than Foon.

Super lightweight and just the right length to be scooping those last few mouthfuls of delicious Radix Nutrition out of the bag. The handle is also a nice little paddle for stirring your filter coffee gently to the sound of modern country music. So light you don't even have to worry about counting the grams, just chuck it in.

Inuk Morissette
Titanium long spork

I love it! I use it all the time camping! It's great for cooking as you get distance from the pot and eating dehydrated food as you can reach the bottom of the bag without getting dirty! The most useful and versatile eating tool. it will last way longer than the plastic spork....

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