Snake Bite First Aid Kit


Snake Bite Bandage Kit

A complete snake bite first aid kit that is mandatory for the Australian bush with compression bandages specifically designed for the novice and expert alike - you don't have to worry whether you have applied the bandage too tightly or not tightly enough.

Simply apply bandage with enough tension to turn the rectangular indicators square-ish. Use the triangular bandage to immobilise limb and ensure restricted movement. Complete with marker pen for marking the bite site and prompt-card for patient details to assist emergency services and hospital staff. 

The compression bandages are also perfect for assisting in 

controlling a haemorrhage, and immobilising fractures. 

Perfect for mandatory kit for adventure races, everyday carry,

survival kits, and mountain biking.

Conveniently vacuum sealed to ensure sterility and waterproofing, this product is designed to be thrown into your pack, pocket or glove-box. An essential insurance policy for Australian hiking, camping and adventuring. 

Snake Bite Bandage Kit Contents

  • 2 x Snake Bite bandages with indicator
  • 1 x Triangular Bandage (for splinting)
  • 1 x Sharpie Permanent Marker (for marking bite site)       
  • 1 x Instruction and training card
  • 1 x Patient Details prompt card