Soto Amicus Stove


Soto Amicus Stove

The Soto Amicus Stove delivers reliable performance at a low cost. Compact and lightweight, it comes with 4-prong pot supports for enhanced stability. The Amicus is the ideal stove setup for Outdoor Education students, like those in the Duke of Edinburgh program, providing an ultralight, economical personal cooking system.
Pair the stove with a 110gm gas canister and the PAST Outdoors Titanium Cup for convenient storage and compact system.


Soto Amicus Stove Features

  • Wind proof: Unique raised ledge at crown of burner head and concave burner surface boost performance under windy conditions
  • Spring-loaded 4-prong pot support
  • Available with or without shock-resistant Stealth Igniter: The Stealth Igniter installed inside burner post improves ignition and prevents breakage. Makes stove compact and light-weight

Soto Amicus Stove Specifications

  • 81g With Stealth Igniter
  • 75g Without Igniter
  • 39 X 39 X 72mm when Stowed
  • 110 X 110 X 88mm in use
  • Output: 2600 KCAL/H 3030 W 10210 BTU
  • Duration: Burns Approx.1.5 hours with a 250g canister