Soto Windmaster Stove


Soto Windmaster Stove

The Soto WindMaster is an ultra-light and sturdy butane stove featuring an igniter, designed to perform optimally in windy conditions. Its concave burner head and sleek pot support structure place the pot closer to the flame, reducing wind impact and enhancing boiling and cooking times. Micro regulator technology from SOTO further improves the WindMaster's performance in gusty weather, making it an ideal companion for outdoor trips.

Soto Windmaster Stove Features

  • Micro Regulator
  • Large, Sturdy 4 flex pot support
  • Stowage bag

Soto Windmaster Stove Specifications

  • Output: 3260w 11000 BTU
  • Duration:Burns approx.1.5 hours with 250g canister.
  • Weight: 87g with the 4Flex pot support / 60g without the 4Flex pot support (67g with the TriFlex pot support - sold separately)