Katadyn BeFree


 Katadyn BeFree

The award-winning Katadyn BeFree - Your swift and ultra-light water filtration Solution! Experience unrivalled water filtration performance with the Katadyn BeFree. This exceptional water filter is designed to eliminate microorganisms, bacteria, cysts, and sediment down to an impressive 0.1 Microns, ensuring you have access to safe and clean drinking water wherever you roam. The Katadyn BeFree sets new standards in the outdoor industry, making it a must-have for all adventurers seeking reliable hydration on the move.


  • Effective against microorganisms
  • Effective against bacteria
  • Effective against sediment
  • Effective against cysts
  • Hollow Fibre Filter
  • Filter pore size (microns): 0.1
  • Flow (L/min): 2 litre per min
  • Cartridge life: 1000 liters
  • Field cleanable:
  • Field maintainable:
  • 600ml
  • Weight: 59g
  • Dimensions: 265 x 60 x 80 mm

  • 1000ml
  • Weight: 100g
  • Dimensions: 447 x 75 x 230 mm (when full)