Exped Sit Pad Flex


Exped Sit Pad Flex

The Exped SitPad Flex is your ultimate companion for outdoor comfort and versatility. This closed-cell foam sit pad is rapidly deployed, incredibly lightweight, and remarkably comfortable. Its low-profile 3-panel design allows convenient storage in side-pockets or mesh panels of backpacks and bike bags. Whether you're on a kayak or canoe, it serves as a cushioned seat, and in lightweight backpacking chairs, it provides essential insulation. Plus, it excels as insulation while sitting in a snow-kitchen. Embrace comfort on your outdoor adventures with the Exped SitPad Flex, your go-to solution for versatile and cozy seating.

With dual sided colours you can choose the orange side up for high visibility and emergency signalling or the olive green side up when stealth is required 

Exped Sit Pad Flex Features

  • R Value 1.5
  • 1.5cm Thick
  • Temp rating 5c
  • 5 Yar Warranty
  • Closed Cell Foam
  • DWR Free
  • Oeko-Tex® 100 tested

Exped Sit Pad Flex Specifications