MSR Pika Tea Pot



MSR Pika Tea Pot

With a precise-pour design, this incredibly lightweight aluminum teapot dispenses a thick, focused stream of water that's perfect for mastering pour-over coffee and filling narrow-mouthed vessels. The no-drip spout ensures a mess-free pour, while the lid stays securely in place during pouring but easily detaches when needed. The handle stays upright, away from the hot surface, for effortless handling and to keep your hands cool. The wide opening makes cleaning a breeze and allows you to store a small stove and coffee supplies for your morning routine. Whether you're on a lightweight trip or simply need to boil water for dehydrated meals, this teapot is an amazing alternative to a small pot.

Featherweight: Just 147 g (5.2 oz) in an ultralight, hard-anodized aluminum design.
Precise Pour: Dispenses a robust, non-turbulent column of water that’s easy to direct.
Secure Lid: Lid stays on when pouring but lifts off easily when teapot is upright
Convenient: Stows PocketRocket®2 with case or PocketRocket®Deluxe stove plus coffee or tea ingredients.

  • Weight: 160g
  • Diameter 14cm
  • Height 8.9cm