PAST Outdoors

Personalised expedition and equipment planning


Are you wanting a more personal shopping experience or part of a hiking group or organisation that is looking for solutions for your next trip or mission?

Book a private consult one on one with owner and founder of PAST Outdoors, Dave Parker. Over the course of an hour Dave will assess your needs, current equipment setup and provide advice for your up and coming trip or dream setup. Dave has over  two decades of experience conducting Special Operations, hiking and backpacking in some of the worlds harshest environments and is an expert in risk management, logistics and planning.

This service can be conducted at PAST HQ on a daily basis or in your workplace (if you are an organised group or professional organisation (Police, mIlitary, Fire etc..)

If you would like to do this via a Zoom call, in private or at another location, please comment with your booking/order.

Longer session can be arranged and also booked at an hourly rate.

What we do:

  • Analysis of your current setup of equipment
  • Tips to improve your current setup
  • Customisation of your current setup (in-store only)
  • Advice on selections and assistance in purchasing equipment (personal shopper, from PAST Outdoors and brokering from other vendors**)
  • Calorie intake planning
  • How to pack and prepare food, packs and international travel
  • Pre-staging food for your adventure within Australia and Internationally (additional cost will apply)
  • Assistance in import and export of goods
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Choosing the right cooking equipment for your trip

    *all meals and products purchased will be quoted separately and are not included in this consultation.

    ++ Tastings and samples can be arranged but may incur additional costs.

    ** Transaction and shipping costs may be incurred