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Hardside Hydration Wide Mouth Nalgene Swig Rig


Hardside Hydration Wide Mouth Nalgene Swig Rig

Turn your Nalgene (or similar bottle) into an awesome hydration system with the Swig Rig Kit. All Swig Rigs include everything you need to add a hose You can add options like bottles and sleeves to customise the kit just the way you like.

Choose between a clear hose, a high vis orange or a black insulated hose - the insulation is applied to the hose an is not a sleeve.

The Swig Rig recently underwent some upgrades to a new quick connect and updated high Flow Straight Bite valve.

Hardside Hydration Wide Mouth Nalgene Swig Rig Features

  • Integrated handle for fingers or carabiners
  • One-way silicone valve allows air in but keeps your bottle leak proof.
  • Convenient 2 piece design makes opening easy while your hose is attached and the raised rim protects the valve and hose barb.
  • Unique hose barb will accept multiple sizes of hoses.

Hardside Hydration Wide Mouth Nalgene Swig Rig Kit Contains

  • 2-Piece Cap
  • Straw (pre-cut for 48oz/1.5 litre. Nalgene Silo, simply trim it down for smaller bottles)
  • Silicone Valve
  • 100cm Long Hose with TruSwig (provides pure tasting water)
  • Optional 100cm Long Insulated Hose (Insulation is applied directly to tubing, not a sleeve)
  • New updated (October 2023) High Flow straight Bite Valve with Cover
  • Hose Quick Disconnect
  • Backpack Hose Clip

Hardside Hydration Swig Rig Kit Specifications

    • Swig 63 Cap: 36g
    • Hose w/ bite valve: 65g
    • Hose Accessories Kit: 17g

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      narelle Hammond
      Absolutely LOVED this

      Have had issues with water bladders leaking on occassion.. and nothing worse.. this wide mouth swig rig was perfect for our 3 day hike.. allowing me to stay hydrated without having to stop to take my water bottle out.. like a bladder - without the potential leaking issue. I also use the water bottle without the extended hose for the gym

      Chris Lill
      Great product

      Had to do a small modification to suit my drink bottle, but it works perfectly.
      Fits under my chin gaurd easily, and easy to put into my mouth. Certianly reommend the Swig Rig!

      Hannah Venz
      Love it

      Great addition to a Nalgene bottle, really easy to attach and much more convenient than a water bladder.

      Lee Hughes
      sales assistance

      Excellent sales support

      Raymond Pisani
      Awesome product

      Great service with real life knowledge, a great store packed with great products.

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