Sea To Summit

Sea To Summit Aeros Ultralight Down Pillow

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Sea To Summit Aeros Ultralight Down Pillow

The luxury of your favourite down pillow but in an ultralight, compact and comfortable pillow for any occasion. Combining the ultralight and super compact nature of the Aeros™ Pillows with the comfort and warmth of down

By using ultralight materials to construct a down cushion-top over a TPU air bladder, our Aeros™ Down Pillow is the lightest fully-featured down pillow on the market. Light, warm and comfortable, the premium down cushion-top is made from the same exceptionally light and transparent 10D fabric used in our Spark™ sleeping bags. Differentially cut horizontal baffles reduce down migration and prevent the down compressing, even when the air bladder is fully inflated. The cushion-top wraps over the front of the pillow for neck comfort. The rest of the pillow case is made from lightweight 20D fabric. Our Aeros™ bladders use a unique long-lasting anti-hydrolysis TPU film which prevents material breakdown from moisture exposure. Extremely light, the bladder’s horizontal baffles create a 3D surface that cradles the head for additional support. The multi-function mini-valve provides easy inflation, deflation and fine tuning.

 Sea To Summit Aeros Ultralight Down Pillow Features

  • Premium down cushion-top for comfort and warmth
  • Ultralight and high-strength TPU bladder
  • Differentially cut baffles allow maximum down loft
  • Technical fabrics for lightweight performance
  • Multi-function mini-valve for easy inflate, deflate and fine tuning
  • Store and transport in compact 20D stuff sack

Sea To Summit Aeros Ultralight Down Pillow Specifications

DIMENSIONS 34 x 24 x 12 cm 42 x 28 x 12 cm 59 x 38 x 12 cm
PACKED SIZE 8 x 6.5 cm 9 x 7 cm 8 x 14 cm
WEIGHT 70 g 95 g 190 g