UCO - Survival Fire Striker Ferro Rod



UCO - Survival Fire Striker Ferro Rod

An essential Every Day Carry and an item that should be tied to you when out in the wild. Fire is essential to survival. That means that the ability to start one is too.

Sparks fly when the UCO Survival Fire Striker is used with its stainless steel striker. Can ignite tinder or be used to light a campfire, gas stove or barbeque. The robust Ferrocerium rod is capable of 3,000 strikes (at 2980 degrees C) in all conditions (at all altitudes and in cold weather).

**Restrictions on shipping internationally and within Australia may apply depending on your location and the order quantity. Contact us for more information or well reach out upon order confirmation.** 

  • 3,000+ Strike Ferrocerium Rod
  • Includes 8 Function Multi-tool Striker
  • Includes Paracord Lanyard

Weight: 29gm

Length 7.6cm