Black Diamond

Black Diamond Explorer 3 Trekking Poles


Black Diamond Explorer 3 Trekking Poles

The Black Diamond Explorer 3 Trekking Poles are the perfect entry-level poles that offer the support and stability you need during your treks and backpacking escapades. Designed with durability in mind, these poles feature a sturdy three-section aluminium shaft that can withstand rugged terrains and demanding conditions.

With dual FlickLocks, the Explorer 3 Trekking Poles provide ultimate adjustability, allowing you to customise the pole height to suit your preferences and the terrain. Whether you're traversing steep ascents or navigating uneven trails, these poles will adapt to your needs, ensuring a comfortable and secure trekking experience.

Equipped with webbing straps, these poles offer added security and stability. The straps help to distribute the load evenly and reduce strain on your wrists, enhancing your overall comfort during long hikes. You can rely on the Black Diamond Explorer 3 Trekking Poles to provide the necessary support for your adventure.

No matter the terrain variability, the low-profile trekking baskets on these poles deliver firm support. From rocky paths to muddy trails, these baskets ensure optimal traction, enhancing your stability and confidence as you tackle various terrains.

Experience the reliability and versatility of the Black Diamond Explorer 3 Trekking Poles on your next outdoor expedition. With their durable construction, adjustable design, and firm support, these poles are your go-to choice for conquering any trail or backpacking journey.

Perfect for holding up a Myd shelter or tarp.

Black Diamond Explorer 3 Trekking Poles Features

  • Entry-level trekking poles for support on treks and backpacking adventures
  • Three-section aluminium shaft for durability
  • Dual FlickLocks for ultimate adjustability
  • Webbing straps for added security and comfort
  • Low-profile trekking baskets for firm support on varying terrains

Black Diamond Explorer 3 Trekking Poles Specifications

  • Weight: 257g  (per pole)
  • Collapsed Length 64 cm 
  • Usable Length 64 -140 cm