Katadyn Micropur Quick Tablet MQ 1T


Katadyn Micropur Quick Tablet MQ 1T

Micropur Quick offers a reliable solution for water purification in challenging environments. These chlorine-based water purification tablets effectively eliminate harmful bacteria, safeguarding against waterborne diseases and infections. Simply place a tablet in a liter of water and wait 30 minutes for safe consumption. With a long shelf life of 4 years, these tablets provide peace of mind for extended periods of outdoor adventure. For turbid water conditions, it's recommended to use Micropur Quick in combination with a filter. Trust Micropur Quick for sketchy water sources, ensuring safe and clean drinking water wherever your journey takes you.

Katadyn Micropur Quick Tablet MQ 1T Specifications

  • Water source: Rivers, streams, lakes, water tanks
  • Group size: 1, 2-5
  • Product type: tablet
  • Contact Time Bacteria: 30
  • Contact Time Virus: 30
  • Contact Time Cysts: 120
  • Content: 70
  • Dosage: 1 tablet per litre 
  • Form: tablets
  • Shelf life (years): 4
  • Content Sufficient For: 70 L