Lifesystems Tick Removal Tool


Lifesystems Tick Removal Tool

The Lifesystems Tick Removal Tool is a compact and essential accessory for those venturing into warm and humid climates where ticks are common. Crafted in a convenient credit card and key-ring size, this tool is designed to fit seamlessly into your wallet. Equipped with a magnifying lens and two different-sized removal tools, it ensures efficient and safe removal of ticks, allowing you to address the situation promptly.

Ticks, prevalent in such environments, pose potential risks like Lyme disease transmission. Our tick remover card is a proactive solution, ensuring that you can safely and effectively remove ticks, minimising the risk of leaving any parts behind. Stay prepared for your outdoor adventures with this compact and practical tick removal tool, providing peace of mind in tick-prone regions.

Lifesystems Tick Removal Tool Features

  • Credit card sized tick remover (Standard)
  • Key-ring sized tick remover (Compact)
  • Magnifying lens
  • 2 different sized removal tools for any size tick

Lifesystems Tick Removal Tool Specifications

  • Weight:6g

  • Dimensions:85 x 54 x 1mm