Mammut Trovat Guide 2 High GTX Hiking Boots

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Mammut Trovat Guide 2 High GTX Hiking Boots

Introducing the Trovat Guide II High GTX® Men - Elevate Your Mountain Hiking Experience with Enhanced Comfort and Support!

Experience the next level of mountain hiking with the Trovat Guide II High GTX® Men, the latest addition to this renowned product family. Building upon the success of its predecessor, these hiking shoes feature enhanced properties and a refreshed design, ensuring an exceptional fit and unmatched performance. With innovative features like Base Fit 2.0® and selected memo foam, this shoe takes your mountain adventures to new heights.

We understand that comfort is paramount when conquering challenging terrains. That's why the Trovat Guide II High GTX® Men incorporates selected memo foam, creating a personalised fit that molds to the contours of your heel. This means you can bid farewell to blisters and hot spots, enjoying maximum comfort throughout your hiking journey. Additionally, the elasticated tongue construction ensures easy on and off, saving you time and effort on the trail.

With the Trovat Guide II High GTX® Men, you can trust that your footwear will accompany you reliably through the mountains. The shoe's robust construction with a full rubber rand and durable materials ensure exceptional longevity, withstanding the rigours of rough terrains. 

Elevate your mountain hiking experience with the Trovat Guide II High GTX® Men. Embrace enhanced comfort, tailored fit, and reliable performance as you venture into the great outdoors. It's time to explore the mountains with footwear that is built to exceed your expectations.

Mammut Trovat Guide 2 High GTX Hiking Boots Features

  • Base Fit 2.0®: Doubled heel straps ensure excellent heel support and blister prevention. 
  • 3 Zone Lacing: Individual 3-zone lacing. Can be adjusted to person and situation 
  • Motion Control: Reinforced, flexible inside prevents you from twisting your ankle while maintaining full freedom of movement 
  • Elastic GORE-TEX® tongue construction 
  • Memo Foam: The high-quality three-dimensional, infinitely adjustable memo foam cushioning provides an individual fit around the heel. This ensures a high level of comfort, maximum heel support and blister prevention. 
  • Rolling Concept®: Patented Mammut® sole concept: The support and cushioning encourage the foot’s natural rolling movement and consequently reduce fatigue and the danger of twisting your ankle.
  • Raised rubber rand 
  • Board lasting
  • Easy resoling
  • Strap-on crampon compatible
  • 845g per boot UK9,43 Euro