Exped Bivybag


Exped Bivybag

The Bivybag VentAir/PU & Bivybag 100% Ventair fits one person and offers protection from rain, wind, and condensation while remaining lightweight and compact.

The Bivybag VentAir/PU top is crafted from a breathable, waterproof VentAir 3-layer fabric, while the bottom is made from durable recycled nylon.

Meanwhile, the 100% Ventair version is crafted entirely from the VentAir 3-layer fabric, which makes it not only more waterproof, but also extremely breathable and lightweight.

The spacious 3D hood provides comfortable headroom and storage space, and the incorporated aluminium wire ensures a secure fit. Additionally, the mosquito netting provides ventilation and shields against insects. With a wide 3D foot section, this bivy bag can accommodate bulky sleeping bags, and three suspension loops allow for easy hanging.

Exped Bivybag Features

  • Highly breathable, waterproof and lightweight
  • Generously cut with spacious hood
  • Wide zippered opening with mosquito net

Exped Bivybag VentAir/PU & 100% Ventair Specifications

  • Packed: 20 x 11cm
  • Fits body size to 2.20m
  • Length 240cm x Width shoulder 95cm, foot 80cm
  • Comfort: approx 7°C
  • Bivybag VentAir/PU weight: 600g
  • Bivybag 100% Ventair weight: 550g