Exped Schnozzle Pumpbag


Exped Schnozzle Pumpbag

 The Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag is a durable pump bag created from recycled materials, perfect for rapidly inflating EXPED mats without any moisture.

Along with its primary function as a pump bag, it can also serve as a waterproof compression pack for storing clothes or sleeping bags.
When paired with either the Universal Valve Adapter or the FlatValve Adapter, the Schnozzel Pumpbag is capable of inflating a wide range of mats and inflatables.

Exped Schnozzle Pumpbag Features

  • Fast, moisture-free inflation
  • Robust, recycled material, compact pack size
  • Can also be used as a waterproof compression pack sack

Exped Schnozzle Pumpbag Specifications

  • Flat valve compatibility
  • Waterproof

Small: 37 x 20 x 18cm 60g

Medium: 60 x 20 x 17cm 105g

Large: 72 x 38 x 30cm 155g