Helinox DirtSaw Deuce Spade


Helinox DirtSaw Deuce Spade

Introducing the Helinox DirtSaw Deuce Spade, your ultimate companion for outdoor bathroom needs. When nature calls far from civilisation, this ultralight toilet trowel/spade steps in. Crafted by DAC, it's the lightest and strongest trowel you can find, mirroring the reliability of DAC J-Stakes. With this tough yet lightweight tool, responsibly disposing of waste becomes effortless even in the most remote locations. Stay prepared and environmentally conscious with the Helinox DirtSaw Deuce Spade.

Helinox DirtSaw Deuce Spade Features

  • Ensure responsible waste disposal with the Helinox DirtSaw Deuce Spade. Digging a proper cathole at least 150mm deep is essential for natural decomposition.
  • The Deuce DirtSaw makes it easy to dig a small 'cathole' to the right depth. It is the only trowel that can be used upside down – you can dig with either the wide end or narrow (handle) end.
  • Designed in Colorado by Mike at The Tent Lab and made by DAC in South Korea, The Deuce DirtSaw is ridiculously light at only 17 grams and measures 173 mm long. It's very tough and sharp enough to cut small roots.

Helinox DirtSaw Deuce Spade Specifications

  • Weight: 17g 
  • 180x65mm
  • Curved (can fit around a water bottle to save space)