Moroka 30

Moroka 30 Wedgetail Bino Harness


Moroka 30 Wedgetail Bino Harness

The Wedgetail Bino Harness is a comprehensive system designed for carrying your binoculars and other hunting gear on your chest. Perfect for bowhunters, this rig has a forward-opening main pouch secured by strong magnets for easy and quiet access to your binoculars. The main compartment also features hidden ammo loops and a soft shield to prevent scuffing and noise. Other storage options include external zip pouches, a soft mesh pouch, and attachment loops for customising separately sold pouches.

Moroka 30 Wedgetail Bino Harness Features

- Includes detachable Comfort Harness

- Main Pouch: 25 x 19 x 9cm - suitable for most common hunting Binoculars

- Suitable for Bowhunters, will not obstruct your draw cycle

- Full genuine ITW hardware & YKK Zips throughout