The Original Beef Chief

Original Beef Chief Droewors


Original Beef Chief Traditional Droewors

Beef Chiefs Droewors is a delicious beef snack made in Australia with origins in South Africa. It is a dried sausage similar to kabana, but with a rougher texture and less density. The beef used is minimally processed and the droewors is flavored with traditional spices and air-dried like beef jerky. When bitten into, the droewors skin snaps and the flavorful beef inside is roughly minced and chewed easily. Perfect for snacking alone or with a cold beverage, it can also be added to meat and cheese platters. Our droewors is made with premium beef mince and traditional spices, keeping it simple yet tasty. Try it and see why three of us easily devoured 1.5kg in just a couple of hours - it's no wonder it's also known as "beef sticks" or "beer sticks."