Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet - Coyote Brown


Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet

The Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet is a meticulously designed tool tailored for wilderness survival. With a dual-purpose focus on starting fires and constructing shelters, its machined relief blade facilitates efficient firewood processing and versatile cutting tasks. The hatchet's ergonomic design prioritises reduced weight and improved grip, ensuring prolonged use without causing undue fatigue.

What sets this tool apart is its concealed gear storage compartment, resistant to water, capable of securely housing paracord and a mini-sized lighter. This thoughtful addition enhances preparedness by safeguarding essential items crucial for survival in adverse conditions.

Overall, the hatchet's combination of functionality, lightweight construction, and smart storage solutions makes it an invaluable asset for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike, providing a reliable tool for essential tasks in the unpredictable wilderness.

Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet Features


  • Waterproof gear storage stick
  • Paracord – 5’
  • Dry tinder or mini lighter storage
  • Hammerhead
  • Forged single piece axe head and overstrike guard
  • Rubber overmold grip
  • Porting for weight reduction
  • Limited lifetime warranty

    Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet  Specifications

    • 565g
    • Length 39.7cm
    • Blade length: 5.5”